The John Levarity Men of Holy Name group presented Christmas gifts to the CCD children.
Donnalee Stuart outside our hotel which was minutes away from the Vatican.
Monsignor Alfred Culmer, archdiocesan chancellor, in St Peter's Square.

When looking for a gift for others or for yourself we would like to share these LINKS with you.

‚ÄčCLEAR CREEK BENEDICTINE   monastery in the United States has an exzcellent selection of gifts and much of it on a Benedictine theme.

Anything you order from the monks comes directly to you from them.  

Our parish derives no funding or commission. We simply want you to have a place where you can find good Catholic material.    CLICK

AUTOM CHURCH SUPPLY is one of America's best known business places for a wide selection of church goods, aids in parish and personal spirituality and Catholic gift ideas.  

Again, the parish receives no commission or funding from AUTOM. We want you to have access to them as they are a well established and respected Catholic supply house.  CLICK