The image of Our Lady of The Rosary as found in the famous shrine of Our Lady in Pompeii Italy, 100 miles south of Rome.
Our Blessed Mother holds the Child Jesus while St Dominic kneels to the left and St Catherine of Siena on the right. Each being given a rosary by Our Lady.
THE LADY CHAPEL is currently under construction in the lower church and is expected to be dedicated in October 2020.

The chapel is being funded by a private benefactor for the express purpose of having a chapel dedicated to Our Lady.

The small chapel will contain several images of Our Blessed Mother but the central piece is a copy of the 16th century painting of Our Lady of Pompeii which is found in the Basilica of our Lady of The Rosary in Pompeii Italy.
The copy of the image was gifted to the parish here by Fr Giuseppe Ruggerio, a priest of Pompeii.
Over the main altar inside the shrine at Pompeii is the famous 16th century image of Our Lady of the Rosary.  A copy of this painting has been gifted to our Lady Chapel in Bimini by Fr Giuseppe Ruggerio of the Pompeii shrine. 
The Basilica of Our Lady of The Rosary
at Pompeii in Italy.