This chalice, the tallest in the parish's collection, was presented, in 2017, to the parish by Deacon Michael Checkley upon his becoming an Oblate of the Order of St Benedict attached to St Meinrad Archabbey in Indiana USA.
On its base is affixed the Medal of St Benedict.

​11 inches tall


Donated to the parish in 2007 by the Daniel family of Washington DC and Arlington VA in the United States, this sacred chalice was blessed by His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI on 4 July 2007 in Rome at Vatican City State. The chalice features a gold cup resting upon a pewter base. A bas relief of the Twelve Apostles surrounds the golden cup. It is used only on the most solemn of occasions. It was gifted to the parish in memory of a deceased family member.

​8 inches tall

Among the earliest chalices from the first church building dating to 1946,
Holy Name parish acquired this sacred vessel through the Benedictine monks in Nassau who served the parish for decades.
7 inches in tall
This simple brass crucifix has historical importance for the parish. The cross was used on the altar in the nun's convent for many years and then later was used in the church itself.  It dates to the early 1960s. Today, the cross rests on the altar in the Lady Chapel.
Donated to the Chapel of San Louis Rey in Cat Cay by Sir Bruce Robert, KSG and Dame Mary Robert DSG, the chalice is of silver with a gold cup.  Six lapis lazuli stones adorn the stem of the chalice.
The chalice is kept at Bimini for safe keeping but is still used when Mass is offered in Cat Cay's San Luis Rey chapel.
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Holy Name Parish is blessed to have an ombrellino - the liturgical umbrella -- which is used to cover the Blessed Sacrament whenever it is in procession.  This is a very old feature in Catholic liturgical practice. Many parishes do not have an ombrellino and its use has waned outside of Europe but it is still in use in Rome and many other places.  
The ombrellino at Holy Name dates from the early XXth century and is of silk. It was manufactured in France. It was a gift from a benefactor in Canada.


The archespiscopal processional cross is used in the parish only when the archbishop is present and it replaces the regularly used processional cross.
The archepiscopal processional cross is distinguished by its double bar which is the insignia of an archbishop within his metropolitan see. The double bar cross is also used in heraldry as it is displayed as part of the coat of arms of an archbishop.


This is a beautiful gold and silver monstrance with a 2 inch luna for the display of the Sacred Host for exposition of the Most Blessed Sacrament  and for the celebration of the Rite of Benediction.
Dating from the early XXth century it was a gift to the parish by Archbishop Patrick Pinder.
26 inches tall
This chalice was donated to the parish in the 1960s and in memory of a loved one who had died. It was a frequently used chalice.  The chalice is dedicated to the memory of Joseph D Spoleto. 

​It stands 7 inches tall.