Deacon Mike with V Rev Paul Voisin, CR in Rome.  The Resurrection  priests also serve in Bermuda and the bishop of Bermuda is a Resurrectionist.  Bermuda is a suffragan see of the Archdiocese of Nassau.


Knights and Dames of the Order of Malta of Miami brought much welcomed hurricane relief items to Bimini following Hurricane Irma. The group was led by  Dame Maria Cristina Diaz. The relief items were later distributed to the needy on the island.  Dame Maria and her husband and their fellow Order of Malta members, seen here, have seasonal homes on Bimini. They attend Holy Name Parish when they are here.
The Order of Malta is a Catholic order of knighthood that is 1000 years old and from its inception has been an order concerned with the needs of the sick and suffering.  Today, the Order helps in many countries with needed medical supplies and attention. The Grand Master of the Order is given the title "Eminent Prince" and ranks as a cardinal in the Church. 


Deacon Michael with Father Guiseppe Maria Siniscalchi of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal visited the parish and celebrated Holy Mass.

The Royal Bahamas Police Force attended church at Holy Name to mark their 180th Anniversary of establishment.


The courtyard of the great Abbey of Monte Cassino which was founded by St Benedict over 1400 years ago and which contains his tomb.
The abbey is about 100 miles south of Rome. It is considered the "Mother Abbey" of all Benedictine abbey's everywhere.


Honouring our Benedictine Nuns for their Service in Bimini since 1961
and all the Benedictine monks  who served in Bimini since 1941
In a powerful homily Monsignor Preston Moss challenged the parish to be a community of "healers" and to pray.
He told the congregation to look to Jesus as the "good shepherd" as the "shepherd king" who was humble and who sought to heal, care and love others with great generosity.  He reminded the parish that Christ is King of All and that all creation revolves around Him and that all creation owes its continued existence to Him.

Monsignor Moss died in March 2019. 

Very Rev Denis Robinson, a Benedictine monk, led the study programme participants throughout Rome during their study seminar. They stand here at the great doors of the Cathedral of Rome -- St John Lateran. Fr Robinson is president-rector of St Meinrad School of Theology in Indiana.

Sr Cecilia (above)  Sr Ena (below)

At the entrance to the church a small cairn has been constructed upon which is placed the Medal and Cross of St Benedict.
This device was orignally placed in the old church in 1946.  When the old church was torn down to make way for our current church the medal was put away and not found again until 2016.
It is here where the commemorative plaque will be placed which honours the Benedictine contribution to Bimini and also explains the origin of the Medal.
L-R  Sr Ena, Sr Agatha, Sr Cecilia
On behalf of the Men of Holy Name Rex Grant presents a cheque for $1000 for the Benedictine monastery in Nassau.
Religious Education for our young people takes place every Sunday morning. The youngest group is seen here colouring images related to the Sunday readings.
The Very Reverend Paul Voisin, C.R., Superior-General of the Congregation of The Resurrection meets Pope Francis in the Vatican.  The Resurrectionists are a world wide order of priests, brothers and deacons serving in many countries.

Father Voisin celebrates a Mass in Rome every month for Holy Name Parish and for our benefactors and their families.
Nyla Addly-Miller was baptised  by Deacon Michael.
Seen here holding her daughter is Vicky Adly with grandfather Chris Adly helping hold his grand-daughter.


On 2 July 2017 the parish invited back to Bimini two of the three surviving Benedictine nuns who first came to the island in 1961 to operate the Holy Name Catholic School. Sister Cecilia Albury OSB, sub prior of St Martin de Porres monastery in Nassau, was present together with Sr Agatha Hunt, OSB BEM who also came in 1961.  Sister Ena Albury, OSB was present also. She came to Bimini in the 1990s as a principal.
Sr Clare Rolle, OSB was also invited as she too arrived in 1961 to teach at the parish school as was Sister Annie Thompson, OSB, OBE,  Prioress of the monastery, however both were unable to attend because of  prior commitments.

From the time the sisters arrived on 1 July 2017 they were swarmed with well wishers and former students who were anxious to see the nuns and many told them how they had influenced their lives. It was remarkable. 
The Sisters were honoured on the weekend with dinner at the home of papal knight Deacon Michael Checkley and his wife Lady Barbara.  
Deacon Michael is also an oblate of the Order of St Benedict. 


On Sunday morning at the conclusion of the Sunday Word and Communion Service (no priest was available for Mass) the Sisters were given several gifts including a $1000 cheque for the monastery from the Men's Society and the sisters unveiled a plaque which honours the Benedictine presence in Bimini beginning in 1941. They also unveiled a memorial cairn which displays the Cross and Medal of St Benedict
Following the church service a parish reception was given in the social hall. The sisters were also scheduled to go on a Sunday afternoon boat trip.
Throughout Sunday and Monday the sisters either were visited or they visited others....
When leaving they were again swarmed by people who wished them well.  These consecrated women, with God as their focus in their lives, touched so many people and the people made it a point to thank them. 

The sisters show that living your life for the good and the enrichment of others, is a life well lived. And its the Christian life.

Msgr Johnson welcomes Bimini's Administrator, Kate Williamson, to Sunday Mass.
Sr Agatha Hunt, OSB BEM
In 2015 she was honoured by the Queen with the British Empire Medal for her work in education.
Wherever the nuns travelled they met people who knew them and who sought to express their love and appreciation.
The sisters unveiled a plaque which will be placed at the entrance to the church where the Cross and Medal of St Benedict has recently been installed. The plaque honours all the monks and nuns of St Benedict who served in Bimini since the parish's foundation in 1941. L-R   Sr Agatha, Sr Cecilia, Sr Ena.
The Pontifical Gregorian University, founded by the Jesuits, is one of the great theological universities located in Rome.
Airport and ferry terminal arrival.
St Benedict is buried
beneath this altar at Monte Cassino.




Deacon Michael, an oblate of the Order of St Benedict, reads a scroll of honour thanking the Benedictines Nuns for their service to Bimini which began here in 1961. It also promised a pledge for continuing prayers.
St Meinrad Archabbey and School of Theology organised a study programme in Rome which focused on early church history, ancient house churches and Benedictine spirituality which included visits to Subiaco and Monte Cassino -- abbeys founded by St Benedict over 1400 years ago.  Here Deacon Michael stands with programme director the Very Rev Denis Robinson, OSB, President-Rector of St Meinrad School of Theology.
Deacon Michael's five year diaconal training programme was conducted by St Meinrad's Seminary. Deacon Michael is a Benedictine oblate attached to St Meinrad.
Msgr Johnson with the family of altar server Albert Johnson who made his First Holy Communion at the Sunday Mass.
Monsignor Johnson greets people before Mass and stands with Mrs Esther Rolle who remembers the monsignor as a young boy in Bimini.
Msgr Johnson was named a Chaplain of His Holiness by Pope St John Paul II in 1999.
Over 300 meals were served on St Patrick's Day at the Ladies Auxiliary's annual luncheon honouring St Patrick.
Monsignor Preston Moss celebrated Mass in Bimini in 2018.  
Msgr Moss was named a Prelate of Honour by Blessed Pope Paul VI and later was raised to the rank of Protonotary Apostolic by Pope St John Paul II in 1999.
Msgr Moss died in March 2019.

Over 500 people took lunch from the Whit Monday cookout sale organised by the John Levarity Association, a branch of the Men of Holy Name.

Proceeds from the event are going towards the restoration of church windows and roof.

It was very successful.

Next event is the August Monday/Emancipation Day Cook-Out.